Life Chances

"the opportunities each individual has to improve his or her quality of life" 
- Max Weber

The 2015 List.
Fun stuff to do this year.
See also my Life list.

1. Watch all 8 movies of Harry Potter in one weekend
2. Schedule dental work
3. Look into the stock market
4. Open up a CD ?
5. Go to yoga with Anita
6. Get out of California. Twice.
7. Look into a 403b
8. Finally see a movie at that movie theatre down the street
9. Save $1000? for a road bike, sell the old one
10. Make travel arrangements with a friend to a domestic or international place 
11. Run 2 races. 
12. Finish reading 3 books on the iPad 
13. Figure out how to borrow ebooks from sfpl to read on my iPad
14. See the elephant seals   2/4/15
15. Eat a burrito at the best burrito place in the world
16. Get climbing membership for 10 days or a month
17. Go on a pd ride along around my birthday  1/31/15
18. Finish portraits of people at work? 
19. Draw my family tree
20. Send a care package to tarpuy sonqo for the holidays
21. Get my hurr did 1/24/15
22. Listen to an audiobook
23. Make sinigang
24. Handmake all bday cards this year 
25. Go snorkeling 

The 2014 List.

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