Monday, October 24, 2016

Valley of Fire, Nevada

A few weeks ago I went on a road trip traversing the states of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. 
I've been working a new job since the beginning of the year and knew it was time to go away somewhere new. 
I earned it! 

Some of my favorites posted in the link below.

Already on our first full day we were half a day behind schedule. 
But I'm was on vacation, so I kept thinking that I shouldn't stress too much.

This was driving in to Valley of Fire.


It was quite a drive... and there was a fee to get in.

First stop in the park was at the visitor's center. Those animals are life-sized... which means those mountain goats are huge.

Exploring the area just outside of the center... it was so hot this day. So glad I wasn't wearing anything tight, like pants. 

Those flats were also not hike appropriate. 

We decided that since we had driven this far, we might as well go on a hike.

Are we in the Sahara or something?
We were hiking in sand for awhile.

I was completely enamored by everything around me.

I either wanted to stay longer or just sit in one spot and take in everything. 
Being there reminded me how small we were. 

You didn't think I would be hiking in my flats, did you?
(I would have asked Nate to take this shot but at this time he was yards away occupied with catching a desert lizard.)

If anyone was bigger than Nate they would have had trouble squeezing through this passage.

The colors were so amazing!
(P.S. Spot the people in the photo!)

Wish I could have stayed longer. 
Definitely plan to stay a day at this park and not just a few hours!

I think I need a vacation every six months as opposed to every year.

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