Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ano Nuevo State Park - Secluded Beach

Found a real secluded beach... exact coordinates unknown, so I couldn't tell you where if I wanted to.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Entry from Thursday, 7/3/2013. 7:01PM

East Field

White and blue flags
Yellow and blue dividers
Cool artificial pool water
Kids I've seen here at the pool next to the big immature kids I call the "swim team" 
The Livingstons combined 
3 life savers at 3 corners in their reds hopefully watching the pool and not the hot guy/girl
640 and nearing sunset in 2 hours
Sun is shining really good
Vitamin d, soak it up Claudeen
You need it and you need it bad
Smell of chlorine in the air
He asks me to come over and says, hey
I can't open my eyes- well you know who you resemble then.
He splashes water on my translucent tank and my black yoga pants
I'm not mad bro, the damage after is not in my conscience 
Surprised that phat elephants can swim 
Eyes squint, knowing that I'm unwanted but I don't care
Lil girl's tennis ball bounced into the pool
Of course no one helps her not even one of the guards on duty
He swims on the other side of the pool so as to avoid the elephant in the room.
5 years and counting 
His legs make the sound of a soft lake motor as he kicks in his lane
The water ripples in different directions from everyone's body movements 
Susan is here and she's playing catch with the girl with the tennis ball- Lucy in my head 
The sounds are subsiding; the kids are getting ready to get out and leave - I think they should stay. This place needs more innocent presence 

Outsider looking into the box once again
Not invited uninvited unwanted
States as he arrives at the site
But outside he is the warmest I have ever met- he means everything he say and I fall for it. I become a child under his spell 
Cellulite screams to me from lane 2 and beyond
Susan sounds like an elephant. I laugh quietly to myself 
The pool makes me sleepy 
The deepest part of the pool is 13 FT. I can't even imagine. That's a little more than the height of two Quinn's
Not I and he dives all the way down and touches the geound
I ain't scared but I know he ain't about to just pull me in. He tries to and I splash some pool on his head - he remembers from last weekend in the Vallejo when Rainer my cousin tried to do the same thing 

The pool is finally calm
Boy walks past, he sounds like a young immature Paul 

Cotton buds swimming in the pool
Blue skies blue water the air turning cool

Entry from 6/24/2011. 9:44AM.

29 bus right now
Sitting at the back of the bus
It smells like weed back here, what the fuck. It's probably from these latinos sitting one seat from me.

So many cute kids on board.

So cute. They all said "Thank you, bus driver" in unison. Some kid left his spiderman lunch bag and this guy in front of me saw it and yelled at the driver that some kid left his bag. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Entry from Sunday, Oct 26. 9:29PM

Giants Win

Three African American girls headed to the Bayview. Caught by the muni lady who announces over the PA system that they haven't paid their fares. The lead girl has a yellow scarf on. She takes it off and the PA system announces as so. Everyone laughs and I mutter under my breath they should just pay the fucking fare.

On muni, pink ranger stands in front of me. I enter the M line that is full of orange and black. The giants have won tonight. I still have to check the score.

I look through the driver's window and we're going fast through the tunnels. It's such a cool point of view, almost hypnotizing.

Two drunk idiots stand on my left. My back leans on the glass that separates the driver and me. The very drunk one sees an elderly man reading on his tablet and asks him what he does. The old man hesitates and says that he is just reading. I can see the convo tuning sour already. He keeps pressing on. He asks what the book is about. The man keeps repeating himself saying something about he book is about another book. The drunk guy doesn't hear him. He's being stupid. 

Someone stands and yells, " We will see y'all all at the parade!" The whole train explodes in cheer.