Friday, January 17, 2014

Chicago, IL: Baseball Bean

By the way, there was this huge thing a few months last year whereby blogger was deleting their following widget? Not sure if that is still true but I still can see blogs that I have followed. Anyway, I signed up for bloglovin and hopefully this is a better system for me to read other people's blogs too! Link is below: 

On our second day, we planned on more touristy things.

Pretty cool structure.

THE BEAN! This thing was swarming with humans, I tell you.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chicago, IL: Water Taxis and Willis Tower

HAPPY 2014! 
Another year of holidays came and went. The recent blizzard in the midwest and the east coast has got me thinking about posting the rest of my photos from Chicago. I was thinking about how cold it was last spring when I was there. If I were there now, I'd probably freeze to death even under several layers. Still, I want a white christmas someday but for now I think I'll skip. 

 Chicago is probably the 3rd major city I have visited in the United States (though I don't really like to include L.A. because I think I have endured more traffic than actually visiting the city itself...)

 Our hotel was in magnificent mile and in the middle of all the shopping.
After this photo was taken I decided it was too cold and had to pop into a Walgreens to get me a pair of gloves (but it was still cold!)

 Everywhere seemed much bigger than San Francisco... especially the buildings. The city is also an excellent place to look at architecture.