Sunday, December 1, 2013

Keep It Classy, Ladies

I was on the sidelines of a pool at one of the more prestigious high schools nearby just listening to music early this morning. There she was: the lady with the moves (that's what I'm calling her now). She was probably in her mid thirties to mid forties, love handles, jiggles and all. She was on the pool adjacent from where I was sitting, sitting on a mat with her full swim gear on. I'm talking one-piece and cap. Now there isn't anything wrong with this picture, except the fact that she had both legs spread out almost to a split and doing pilates on her mat. Of course everything was hanging out... By this I mean her lady parts. "What the fuck?" were my thoughts exactly. I looked back on my iPhone and changed the song. I looked over to where this lady was again and this time she was doing leg lifts, all while she was facing the pool. Oh please. More opportunity for slippage. Seriously? That's not classy. No photos of course. They were not needed. Instead enjoy the photo above with the light peeking through the trees.