Friday, October 11, 2013

Laura & Marek

The green speckled bowl in which I ate my pasta and meatballs is on the old HP laptop that is on the floor next to my bed. I had that for mini lunch and the smell has just fumigated my whole room. Of course now that has tempted me even more to eat the same thing for dinner... which I think I will.

Speaking of smells. I got up this morning with a chill in the air. All I wanted to do was get back into bed and let the blankets swallow me in all of their cosy-ness. Before I left the house I thought I had better put on my fleece sweater. I was right again as I needed it. Dark cloudy skies now and the ambiance seems to have spread to my bedroom. I think of cups of hot coffee and tea and orange and brown leaves. Oh wow, it definitely is fall. 

This morning I had a light vanilla caffe freddo from Peets and it tasted like blerghh. Note to self. Don't get that drink ever again. 


My friends got married earlier in February this year:

She put those beads on the dress by herself!!

He insisted that I take more photos of his wife instead, hence the one photo.

Silly on the stairs.

Lunch at the food trucks and notice Laura's shoes.


Looking through these photos make me wonder why I let go of my DSLR. I think I need to get another.