Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scenes from Machu Picchu

I did absolutely nothing today except for watch Netflix and eat... it was fantastic since it was my day off! I guess that means I did do something. I awoke twice this morning. The first at 6AM, which is when I usually am awaken, and the second was at 10AM, which I thought annoying because why can't I ever sleep in on the days I decide that I do want to sleep in? What a mouthful that run-on sentence was...

Now on to the long awaited photos from Machu Picchu:

The start of the Ascent. If I remember, this was about 7:45am-ish. Fog/Clouds were still in the air and it was mildly chilly. 

Of course, I had to get a photo with the famous view-- also known as the "National Geographic" shot.

This view was to the right of that famous view. I love how the morning sun is peering through the white clouds.

This was one of the main doors that kept enemies and wild animals out.

The structures might look a little weird but try to picture them with roofs made of straw...

Peter our guide was incredibly informational with the history of the site.

Such skilled construction: stones were made to fit so well together that a piece of paper cannot even be slid through the cracks.

Walking through a mini cave

Impromptu hike

Hiking up Puerto Del Sol with new friends-- about 45 minutes and not too shabby.

Our view below

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I have been loving panoramas lately. This one here is my latest, taken at Pogonip in Santa Cruz.

*Typing this entry up in JC Penny's, on a couch, waiting for my fellow mall rats to emerge from the dressing room. Also I am unsure of how this post will turn out.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Scenes from Cusco

My companions and I said our goodbyes to the occupants of the volunteer house and we were on our way to the airport. The flight from Lima to Cusco lasted about 45 minutes; turbulence was abundant, but the snacks were good, so I could not complain. 

 First look at the streets of Cusco.

 Some parts of the city were in the middle of construction.

 Navigating our way to the main square.

It's also good to note that the ground is covered in cobblestones, so good shoes are definite must. 

 This is one location where we had to find some money. But apparently the machine was not cooperating and we abandoned that and looked for another ATM. 

 The Main Square

 We settled at an Irish Pub for lunch and to nurse our elevation sickness.

 I see a piece of home! 

 A closer look at the main square.
Also: the higher up one lives, the poorer they are. Quite the turnaround from here in the United States; where the more higher up and isolated you live, the more rich you are. 

 I found the starbucks that had no words indicating it was a cafe. There was a McDonald's somewhere around there too, but I did not get to find it as there was not a large letter "M" hanging out in the structures. Strange as when have you not seen a McDonald's without the huge iconic "M"?

Lounge area in our hostel.
The city of Cusco is at about 11, 000 feet, which is really high up. One can find coca leaves (to make tea) to alleviate themselves from elevation sickness.

Fun fact: Cocaine is made from a truckload of coca leaves.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have been wanting to see Muse in concert for the longest time. I had missed them a few times already and when I read up they were coming to the Oracle in the Oakland this past January, I decided this was my chance.

 Pre show

 The band.

 A boy in his late teens in front of me would jump and try to catch the rays of light with his hands. The people around him thought it was both an odd and amusing sight.

Matt Bellamy!

Ear-gasmic. Really. The whole concert was also visually stimulating. Would see them again, if I could. They are so talented. Sound great live, too. Go to a Muse concert. Check!