Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Nothing more gorgeous than a 100 dollar bill"

Pupusas con carne y pollo.

Title is a lyric from Lana del rey. That girl is pure poetic genius, I tell you. But something about that song makes me think she was singing about a prostitute on pay day. Finally done with finals and I'm back! I've got a long to-do list for tomorrow, some of which include getting more gifts and selling my Nikon zoom lens. Zoom lens? Say what? Yes, you read right. I'm getting rid of it. I only used it 3 times in the 2-3 years I've had it. Might put it up on Craigslist as I'm paranoid about it breaking during the shipping process. That said, anyone want a zoom lens??

The photos above were taken when I had lunch with Mina last week. We had pupusas in the Mission. We usually go to Balompie but we wanted to try someplace new. Muy delicioso. Also, every time I am in the Mission I get hit on. Kind of annoying... Thrift town is another interesting place. I can't remember if I have ever stepped in there. Then it was on the 14-Mission to get downtown. It hasn't changed; it's still dirty, smelly and ghetto as ever. It's funny, I haven't been in the Mission for so long but it looks like they've cleaned it up! Especially the areas around Valencia street. It makes the area look very hip, while at the same time preserving the culture on Mission street. Mama likes.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Notes from SOC 392: Research Methods

she said beirut just like Robb tried to impose his 50's hipsterness in 1706. it was probably two summers ago when they had that huge concert for hipsters in GG park. i haven't checked out the actual band itself but it sounds real folksy.

she also mentions big red which brings to mind 2 things: red riding hood and dr. who. if you're not a fan of either than you can disregard this.

I can usually tell when my mind is drifting
away when the words on my notebook aren't
sitting on the lines. Just a realization. Adding
on to me looking out the window and doodling.