Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tomorrow is Another Day

This is the moon tonight, guys. A beautiful sight, one that I lugged out my zoom lens for.

Anxiety becomes me. First day back at school from break, if I could hardly call it that. Today I got a HUGE paper back from a major class with comments that said "Your tables are admirable... but you basically need to do this over. It is somewhat complicated so I'm not failing you, but if you don't re-do it, you risk not passing the final paper". That was the basic synopsis of my day. Thank you for raining on my parade, heavens above! [end sarcasm.] The worst parts is me waiting till Thursday to actually talk to the professor and me doing the entire thing again which took an immense chunk of time... I can't even put a number on it but to do all the tables with all forty responders and their answers... it was too long. Torturous, I might say. Then again, it is a requirement to pass and graduate on time so I say FINE! 

To counter all the negativity from today, I found photos from this past summer that I forgot on my DSLR. It made me slightly happy.

With two and half more weeks left in the semester, I am going to whine a lot about homework and such. I can't risk anything, either. I have to finish strong. I can do this. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this! 

That is, right after I unwind a little with the latest episode of Once Upon a Time...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Post Before A Major Holiday?

Quite surprising as I never do anymore. But yet, here I am! You know what this is- the post that is going to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! But in all seriousness, why are we only super thankful on one day of the year? Come on people, it should be everyday.

My immediate family does not celebrate Thanksgiving. We usually just get invited to go to someone's house and eat massive amounts of food. But that's what the holiday is, according to my sister, "A perfect excuse to sit around and eat a shit ton." Hey, she's right.

My plans for tomorrow are still hazy, as per usual. One plan is to go see my family tomorrow night in the East Bay. But here's the thing: they want to go shopping! The very thing I am trying so hard to avoid. I'm decluttering!! That means getting rid of stuff, not getting rid of stuff and accumulating more things. Or... I could bring my list of christmas gifts to buy but I know I'll see something for very cheap and want it for myself. Gah. And people get ruthless and the lines are long. So much for boycotting Black Friday....

I love the holidays but my holiday anxieties have started (conveniently) today. I'm already super stressed out with my current homework load, which made it difficult to study. My room's a mess, dirty dishes need to be washed, bla bla bla.

I still hope I eat and have a belly as big as Santa's tomorrow. If not, that's okay too. I'm sure there are lots of leftover food from dinners tomorrow that probably will end up at the landfill. If you are one of those... please, don't? For the children. In Africa?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today: It's Friday!

Lois Lowry, author of "The Giver" in the turtleneck. Earlier last month she was in the San Francisco Public Library promoting her new book, "Son". I was thrilled when she signed my books.  

  • is finally Friday, which marks the start of Thanksgiving break!
  • rained on me... which means a greater urge for me to do laundry.
  • I realized I really liked wedges. Height and comfort? I'm in. Now to find the perfect ones.
  • I bought a skirt, so one current item has to go. It's just the way it goes. 
  • I am not doing anything related to school. No schoolwork for at least 2 days. 
  • I just felt like posting. 

I like this concise and to the point kind of writing. It just may be the start to a series... 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Summer memories...

Feels like I haven't slept in my bed in days. What I've been sleeping in really are piles of clothes and schoolwork... I feel like everything I clean my room it just gets messy again. Decluttering is not easy. 
As I'm sitting on my bed thinking how cold it is outside, I can't help but think of everything that is opposite of what it is now. Here are some pictures from a summer trip where it was hot, sunny and I got tanned. Pretty good summer, I would say.

 The first day there we were greeted by a deer outside the window of the house we were staying.

 Pictures at a fish hatchery. It was fun feeding the fish. They all jumped around when I threw the food in like it was nearing the end of the world.

 Touristy picture of moi, naturally. The pictures behind me were of clouds that had funky names.


 I had a re-realization here: Never go hiking when the sun is high in the sky. 

 A snake we found that I called "Ahas" - appropriately meaning "Snake" in tagalog.

 Clearly Layla is feeling the heat as well.

At least we reached the top! 
That was a tough hike.