Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Santa Cruz Triathlon

This post should probably have been put up 3 weeks ago because the Santa Cruz Triathlon was on September 23rd, but I am posting it now. A few others and myself woke up and made our way to Santa Cruz, an hour and a half away to see Nate compete in the triathlon. The start was delayed for an hour because of the fog. 

 The sun finally came out and the triathletes headed for toward the cold waters for the swim.

 Waiting for the swimmers to come out of the water...

 First one out of the water!

 And the bike!

 And the run!

 I just had to include this picture because of the guy in the tutu. 

 First place at 1:56.

Good day, good race, good man. He's an amazing athlete. We're so proud. 

My only regret is that I didn't bring my DSLR. They really should invent those in digital camera forms. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grand Opening of Uniqlo

So if you were in or near the Bay Area last weekend, you know San Francisco had a busy week with the opening of Uniqlo, the events by Oracle, the Strictly Bluegrass Music Festival and Fleet Week.

Uniqlo opened up on October 5th, conveniently on a Friday. A friend and I moseyed into downtown after class around noon to find this line:

 Oof. It didn't hit us the line was this going to be this long, but there it was, screaming in your face. I casually asked a person near the front of line how long she was waiting. "An hour and a half," she said. 

 We walked past the store and looked constantly at the deals they had on pamphlets that were handed out, deciding on whether it was worth it. 

Obviously it was, as we jumped into line. And with time to kill, why not? Here's me as proof. Funny, I never fall in line for anything. Not even when the Harry Potter books came out. I thought about it, but this was a first. For the record, we only waited for about 40 minutes, which felt shorter with our conversation. One exciting thing? Their Heattech apparel. Tried mine on and it certainly keeps me warm without me getting too hot- perfect if you're always cold like me and don't want the multiple layers. 

But what's Uniqlo, really? 
A Japanese Gap without the weird sizing and probably better quality clothing too. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dessert of My Summer

Okay, this is going to feel like a Yelp review. You ready?

Macarons were the desert of my summer. So incredibly delicious... I couldn't believe I waited that long to try them. Before I walked in, I was greeted by a sea of macarons propped with sticks so they looked like lollipops in the window. The inside of the store smelled warm, just like if you were to walk into a bakery. It was equally visually pleasing; mostly because the macarons were laid out on the counter according to color and flavor. And no, macarons are not the ones with coconut shavings. Those are macaroons! My favorite flavor(s) were green tea, lavender and red velvet. Mmmmm. A must-try!