Friday, April 27, 2012

Brains Need to Rest.

Some beach, circa 2010. Taken by Nate. Film. 

It's late as usual, but I'm still here fully dressed with what I wore this morning (without socks and shoes of course). Came home so tired that I fell asleep with my laptop on my belly and woke up around 9pm, not even knowing how long I dozed off. This has become quite the routine in the last couple weeks.

Today was my last day at work, which is always bitter-sweet. But with many others, I open new doors of opportunity, always looking for something better -no wait, different, as better does not always make a happier person. Another thing to note: kindness takes one far (as confirmed by my fortune cookie this afternoon).

A change awaits soon. I fear not, as I am adaptable. Though I cannot deny there is always a tiny, inkling thing in me that spells "uneasiness" in its name. On Monday night I thought it was Wednesday, just by the fatigue that came over me. Another long weekend saved by the weekend gods... Thank you. I need the brain to rest.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aquarium of the Bay

Giant Sea Bass

 I felt so bad for this chinchilla. The woman beside me who, like me, thought it was such an adorable thing and proceeded to take photos of it while also blinding the poor thing. 

Since my spring break was hardly a break:

I ventured off to another tourist attraction, which strangely, I have never stepped into. Most of the creatures that are in the aquarium can be found in or around the San Francisco bay-- according to a guide. The most compelling part for me was probably the tide pools in which kids (and big kids like me) can dip their arms into to be able to get the chance to feel some sting rays, sea anemones and rock-hard starfish. Another was the revolving belt that went under a huge tank so one could see all life swimming beside or over them. I must have gone under that three more times before concluding that I was dizzy and had to stop and look at other mini tanks in display instead. Oh, and if you're there don't miss the GIANT SEA BASS. That thing looked like it was longer than me, which it probably was. Also, keep an eye out for the octopus or octopi, if you will. When I went it squished itself in between rock but if I estimated its eye it was the size of my face!

On an unrelated note: the new version of blogger is strange. Anyone else besides me who isn't taking a liking to it?