Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring, Day Two

Memorial to Japanese internees..., I think?

A tribute to a certain someone... you know who you are. This will go nicely with your camo sweater.

Korean food is quite good.

I love being able to see the sun set and be able to soak in the sunshine through my skin. Long weekdays have deprived me of this. On spring break now... so far I have been able to finish half my spring cleaning/de-cluttering but yet have barely accomplished anything in terms of schoolwork or summer job hunting. I have been too distracted with being able to relieve my laid-back days, not having to rush to be somewhere, sometime and get this- Xena episodes on Netflix. Yes, yes. Laugh all you want. I know, the series is immensely cheesy but the memories it brings back? Whoa. And plus, I never watched the last few seasons, so that's a good excuse to watch it.

I was at work today and was prompted by the art teacher to join the kids in joining chinese dragons. The activity alone was so relaxing and I was just reminded that is one thing I need to start taking up again. Another relaxing thing is exploring. Above are photos taken in and around Sutro Baths mid February. Everything was quite breathtaking as usual and every time I go to a place like that I always think to myself how I could leave a place like this unvisited by me. But of course the place doesn't come complete with a few tourists here and there. The upside is the lack of scary animals (mountain lions) and that's good enough for me if I want to get away from people for a couple hours.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

22nd birthday.

Mango Lasi, samosas, mango cake

Getting older... yep. My birthday was well over a month ago. But at this point I'm going through my photos (aka procrastinating on homework) and couldn't help but remember how good the food was at that Indian restaurant. No decent photos of my birthday self as my photographer 1) wasn't technically hired by me and 2) he was busy gawking at a mixture of other people and food. Well, there is a photo of me in pajamas blowing off the candles but I think that would be for me to keep. Sorry, internet!

Since then, we are now an hour forward and that alone has thrown off my body clock a bit. Last night while doing my essay I glanced at the clock and my widened at how late it was. I finally went to around 130 but was annoyed that I was wide awake and couldn't sleep for what felt another hour. With all things, it will take time. My spring break starts this week and I honestly cannot wait for it to start- I will be continue to revamp and rid of ALL clutter, as much as possible. I like things, but when it starts to clutter it becomes an eyesore and I have to do something. I am going to work as usual, catch up/get ahead of assignments as well as work out my summer schedule. Other than that, I have no other plans. Maybe a day trip or two? I want to do so many things but time isn't enough. I feel like being a student is making me boring!