Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

Location is Northern California, the day before Christmas Eve. Someone was ready to go house-hunting for a place they have had their eyes on for months now. I tag along. We drive up and realize, charming as it looks on the outside, the inside needs a lot of work. No wait- a makeover. Water, heating and electrical wires and probably of the utmost importance. Next would be insulation. The sudden drop of temperature right when one enters the house is immediately recognized, and the green carpets have to go. Of course, there is a certain charm to the property. Aside from the right-wing political demographic, it is situated right beside a pretty river, with crows and vultures looking down from the high trees. Another favorite of mine which I took to liking were the little hooks in front of the house for lamps or lanterns, decorated with what appeared to be rusty steel decorations.

Sorry chap, but this may not be the ideal first house. Theoretically and realistically.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chestnuts roasting in downtown SF

Christmas tree at Union Square, still there every holiday season.

Mmmm chestnut.

I wonder if the silverman charges for pictures?

"The lovely ghetto"

Winter break also brings me out of my cave to explore downtown just like I did before when I used to live around there. My current neighborhood is constantly lost in quiet with the fog but downtown it is the direct opposite; you are lost in the streets that are crowded with tourists and shoppers alike. Every so often, one will hear the squeal of the brakes from the muni buses and the horns blasting from fire engines and police cars signaling other fellow drivers to move out of the way. When I am downtown, I feel sentimental. I miss it. I start to think of the places I would go and walk to after school. This was my 'hood for a while and I enjoyed strolling past all the different shops and people. That was before I got tired of it and decided to move away. Now that I've left, half of me still tires of it. The other half enjoys it. But all of me knows that it's nice to be in a familiar place.

The Christmas tree at the square is still the same. Because of this, one interesting thing to do for me would be to attend the day when it is lighted. I figure that might break the steady pace of seeing the same beautiful decorations come christmas. The only factor that stands between that idea and I is that if I really cared about it at all or if I had other plans.

I also had the opportunity to taste a chestnut or two. I don't quite think I have ever tried them but they make really good snacks on the go. Honestly I thought they tasted a bit like sweet potato; the perfect combination of sweet and healthy. Wow. That sounded like a dietician's line.

[not pictured: times spent in Oz Fair.]

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas break!

Going hiking... the park ranger vehicle picture is taken by Nate who loves all things law enforcement. Tell you the story, you say? Not even going there. Take my word for it.

Ramen except it isn't quite the traditional cook-it-yourself kind of instant noodles. This is better, with eggs, corn, meat and other things that are submerged in the broth.

A 66th tiramisu cake bought last minute that was also quite scrumdiliumcious!

Milk tea + popcorn chicken at Quickly's = happy people

Anyone in the same post-holiday slump as I am? I like how 2/3 of this post is about food. Looking at the tiramisu cake is reminding me how good it was and it's making me drool. Quinn and I have been in Quickly's at least three times last month. I know that kid has gone in alone an average of about twice times a week. What an addict... Currently they have a special promotion with three drinks that cost 99 cents each without tax included, and I have lost count of how many times I have stepped foot in that store.

Christmas break so far has been wonderful. One of the things I wanted to accomplish was to lug my camera around with me not as an obligation but because there was lack of it first half of last year. My last final was on the 19th and the days thereafter just sped by. I decided to stay in today to take a break from everything in life as my work days start up again tomorrow. Even though school doesn't start till later, the holidays are over. That's not to say it was not horrid, of course. I wish I had a time machine so I could relieve it all over again. Plans for tonight: read, update my ipod, prepare for tomorrow and relax.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Loved the lights on this building.

This is funny for I had my "I Speak English" tee on and saw this.

My photos of the fireworks have never been this bad. Clearly I was unprepared.

Just a small percentage of the people who were there.

Hanging out with Chris on his roof while waiting for the crowds to lessen.

After a low-key, horrendous new year's last year I decided to venture out to a celebration that was different and more fun. It almost did not happen and I had half a mind to stay in my room and spend it with a stuffed toy. Luckily, people pulled through, made some quick decisions and it was decided that I watch the fireworks with some friends. The good thing about it all was free muni all the way till 6am. The bad were the unfriendly, territorial drunks.

Here's the low-down:
Nate and I catch the bus at the Caltrain station with only a few passengers on it. The bus rolls up downtown where the people are and they are pushing themselves into the bus. The bus gets crowded and people are sandwiched between each other. Orange-haired, ghetto, drunk "Tequila" gets via the back and complains loudly that she has to pee. With the help of two other drunkards, they push other passengers off claiming that there is no space when people try to get on; even though clearly a few others have gotten off and others could come take their place. At this point I am gripping Nate's hand in mine, fearful of a possible riot. The mean and drunk trio does this for another twenty minutes, while also pushing a man in his 50's off the bus (who, might I add, had a cane) and at Fillmore, they get off. A sigh of relief overcomes me and the rest of the passengers on the bus.

Note to self. Do not ever go downtown to see the fireworks again on New Year's unless: I want to brave the crowds, have my own transportation that is not muni or live downtown. What a day. Definitely better than the year before. Happy 2012!