Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!

I feel tremendously happy right now. Way better than last year, that is for sure. I have officially been on vacation since Monday night, even though my body was already indulging in it since thanksgiving break. (That sounds all grammatically wrong.) I posted the photo of the wombats on Twitter already but I am sans macbook till at least tomorrow. Also, the wombats are oh-so cute. I've been spending time with my loves and being seriously camera-happy, as in me picking up my D40 and just snapping away to my heart's content. One of the best things? No homework!
I am laying on the couch with my mama watching The Filipino Channel religiously. Just a few minutes past two ladies went up to a house to sing carols. Instead of them asking for donations though, the carolers gave the woman of the house packaged food, money and other useful gifts. The woman of the house was clearly poor, struggling to earn money as a clothes washer (she washed people's clothes with her hands! The old fashioned way) to support her husband and child. It turns out that they have also been out of electricity since September because they could not afford utilities. But yet when the two carolers came, she appeared in the shadows with a few coins in her hand to give to them, having little knowledge that she was on the receiving end.
I am so lucky. People are lucky. I live in a first-world country, am able to pursue a higher education, and have a roof over my head. Christmas is certainly not the only time to realize these things, but it is annoying when I see the privileged acting out in bratty, snotty behaviors. No details here, but I am sure people know what I am talking about. Whenever and whatever hardship I meet, I always remember that others still have it worse than I do and that I still should be thankful.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 1st, 2011

One of the first things I do when I wake up is to check my email, the weather, etc. It is a routine.
I get a rare phone call in the morning. Can't remember who it was from but I'm 98% certain that it was from Nate.

This is what our text messages consist of.

Reflection of the window.

Rushed breakfast, as per usual.

Waiting for my transportation to get to work!

Post-work. A few errands.

Get home.


Take off the shoes!

On my way to a tutoring session.

Chat with the housies for a bit. Also, I stare at the boxes that have piled beside the microwave. What a sight.


Wow. My registration date is so late. BAH.

I do more cleaning... I felt so domestic.

Advent Calendars!

Today is December 6th; a special day actually. For some reason I have this disappointing feeling.

To add to my disappointment is this song by Katy Perry. No idea why I am listening to it but it's so funny. That's because it's tied to this video:

My housemate upstairs is currently blaring his techno/trance music. It is so loud that my walls vibrate and my mirror shakes. Sometimes it is so loud that I get a headache. Good thing I am done with homework for the night though.

Now to talk of positive things: I was a hungry hippo this afternoon which led to amazing food by lovely people. This girl in my class was going on about how she didn't have groceries because she was a poor college student. So of course she was stuffing herself full. Amen, sister. Amen.

Another thing is a gadget that makes it easier for the people in my house to turn the heater on and off. I just discovered it tonight which was odd for my housemates because it had been there for over two weeks. Oh. I must have been on holiday/studying all that time.