Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sour day

Nathaniel turned 22 today.
Dinner, burgers, fries and cake from a box was what a pre-birthday consisted of. Also an appearance of ice cream. But no- I resisted, it never made it inside my belly. All that but no pictures. The only photo I have is a sleepy human. Instead you get a picture of this flower. I believe it's wild...

Then my last class of the night ends and I find out that Steve Jobs has passed. Steve, thank you for your ingenious products. I am glad I was able to fully use them and incorporate them into my life before your passing. Rest in Peace.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Do we like outs or balls?"

Now before you let your mind go wild, the quote above was from a Norwegian, in reference to a Giants game. I had three foreigners under my wing that night and was trying to explain to them the simple basics of baseball. It was indeed a fun day. Exactly two months ago, I found myself in Pixar Studios and my very first SF Giants game. The unfortunate thing about it was that we knew they were going to lose and proceeded to leave just before the last strike-out.

I would also like to note that I almost got stranded at a bus stop because it was nearing midnight. I looked at the sign and it said the next bus was not for another 45 mintues. Fearing that I did not have any way to get home, I almost dialed for help- a rarity for me. But good karma brought me a bus some 20 minutes later and I was able to relax at home with my foam orange glove from the ball game. I was so thankful for the bus driver that night as those 20 odd minutes were the longest 20 minutes in my life.

A post every couple days? I'm on a roll.

In more recent news, it's OCTOBER!