Monday, December 27, 2010

Union Square at night.... in December

Union Square, San Francisco.
I am fully aware that Christmas 2010 is over. Done. Gone. So what? That doesn't stop me from posting yuletide things.

Spider-man must have helped with the wreaths.

An outdoor ice-skating rink is always built here during the holidays.

80 percent of my photos taken that night did not turn out my way.

Note to self:
1) Do not travel with a tired companion
2) make more time for pretty lights
3) bring a tripod

Schtuff- Happy Belated Holidays!

Even though you are notorious for some things I still want to thank you, AT&T.

Frosty wanted to say hi.

Love stripes.

This is a writing pad. I think it's too pretty to write in, unfortunately.

Christmas is over. That was fast, and now also a little depressing. Year 2011, here we go.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A three hour walk

Pine Lake/Stern Grove. Just about sums up half of thanksgiving break.
And a new lesson learned: Never wear a white coat (or anything white for that matter), near dogs or a dog park. At least I still have the dry cleaner's.

So I've never been to this part of the park...

This looks like a tourist photo.

I found this house which I thought would be cute to live in but it is only for parties and gatherings.

Mysterious-looking pond

Layla the dog. Join me as I say, "Awww!"