Monday, November 22, 2010


Had a gloomy weekend, but food definitely makes things a tiny bit better. On to the photos!

One for my sister, one for mi madre and one for me.

You know how they say smells bring back memories? Friday's In N Out reminds me of one. My first taste was a little over two years ago and now I cannot get enough.

(No idea why this photo is rotated weirdly...)
I found Mi Goreng at a Walgreens!!! Mi Goreng is like the Ramen version in Singapore. Only better.

I almost forgot how tasty it was and also how small the portion is in comparison to here.

Adding on, I also had a classic bag of hot Cheetos and duros (what I like to call Mexican chips). All were gone thanks to my

I should go before I eat my screen.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hot off the press! Received these just yesterday. I love film. I love how the colors come out... they are nostalgic in a way. Too bad they are expensive. These are just a few from the summer:

Hills at Black Diamond Mines

Greyhound Rock

LMC Lake

I dog-sit


Seafood City a.k.a. Filipino City

I think I might go do a fall set now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boardwalk Birthday

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Nope, not my birthday. But someone else. An impromptu trip this past Sunday. All I can say is that I have never seen the boardwalk this empty.

The Fireball was the first ride I went on. Two years later, it still makes me dizzy when I get off.


I never get tired of capturing sunsets.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where I stand now

Guess who's back, kiddos? No more sickness and midterms, here we go:
Lemons and dogs. Strange mix? You bet.
So everyday when I look outside my window, I see this.

A lemon tree! What's strange is that it has been left unattended and it is still flourishing. Or are they just low-maintenance?

This is Pepper. He seemed to think I had human food in hand for him.

Cat stretch for a dog.

Anyone want some lemons?

These weren't here in the summer. Weeds, weeds, weeds.

Pepper leads us on the rest of the tour.


Clearly she liked the camera and attention. She posed for me the entire time I had my camera stuck to my face.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stinson Beach

So the Giants won the World Series. Elections were yesterday. In other news, today was such a nice day (even though the word "nice" is overused and vague...). Unfortunately, none of my time was spent enjoying the sun. Wednesdays are usually rush-rush.

Nice days means beach days. I bring you photos from Stinson Beach, from this past June.


Companions for the day

Happy family

The beach was really clean. Cold, however. Someone remind me to bring my swimsuit next time.

Uploads of these photos from months ago brings back memories of summer. It also indicates a full schedule in my book. Midterms are around the corner. I cannot rest till next week is over. (That rhymes?)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Santa Cruz Pier

Santa Cruz Pier. So by now I'm no stranger to this town by the central coast. But one thing I haven't done so far is to visit the pier. It probably isn't much different to any other piers but this is what happens when you have time to kill and decide to go exploring by yourself on a typical summer afternoon whilst trying out a new lens.

Typical beach-by-the-boardwalk scene... I can't seem to remember the exact name of this beach though.

I also discovered a secret passage way to seals...okay maybe not so secret. But these are certainly huge. And smelly... no different to the seals up in Pier 39 in San Francisco.

Also ran into these guys who wanted their photos taken.

Stranger in white: "Hey! Take a picture!"
Me: "Um... okay."
Strangers: [pose]
Me: "Click"