Monday, October 24, 2016

Valley of Fire, Nevada

A few weeks ago I went on a road trip traversing the states of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. 
I've been working a new job since the beginning of the year and knew it was time to go away somewhere new. 
I earned it! 

Some of my favorites posted in the link below.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

26 Things in 2016 for Year 26

1. Learn to Meditate
2. Donate Blood
3. Get more comfortable with open water swimming
4. Do a sprint triathlon
5. Do a meatless detox for a week
6. Clear out my boxes in garage
7. Clear out boxes in my room
8. Make a rotating recipe book
9. Take a martial arts class 
10. Get out of California
11. Run a race. Run another one.
12. Look into taking an academic course
13. Finalize paperwork/reimbursements from car incident??
14. Take another career test
15. Read "Mission High" 
16. Finally update my disaster kit
17. Have an emergency kit at work/in my car
18. Get organizers for clothing dressers?
19. Read "Sub: My Years Underground in America's Schools" 
20. Explore master's degree programs 
21. Try archery
22. Learn to solve a Rubiks cube
23. Work on a consistent sleep schedule
24. Bike around the neighborhood with someone
25. Do more yoga
26. People watch sessions once a month 

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Starting 2016 off with a small weekend getaway, and all before I begin my new job.

We anticipated visiting here more than two times so it was better to just get an annual pass.

Ano Nuevo in April

April 2015: Haven't been on a decent hike in at least a month now. Work has taken over my life since coming back from vacation, and I'm finding that the weekends are too darn short. It's only been two months since Australia, but already I'm itching to go somewhere again. #wanderlust 

I have a few things planned in the summer so I'm excited for those. For now I'll concentrate on a work/life balance, and remembering to eat and sleep.